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Pedro Belchior Costa

Co-Founder |


Qualified by renowned professionals of the European, English and American film industry, Pedro had its foundation built alongside professionals nominated to Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes and prizes at Cannes. Besides being a director and screenwriter, he also has a graduation degree in Law and a master degree on intellectual property. That is why his performances as lawyer, university professor and international researcher earned him the title of Laki’s “multitasker”.


Among his most recent works, he wrote and directed the short films "Sweet Morning" (New York) and "Lu" (Rio) and the documentary “Beyond Pink" (São Paulo). Pedro also co-directed his first feature film, "The Deep Voice of the Violin" (shot in China), and he has been the director of an internet channel with more than 5 million followers. Most recently he collaborated with a couple of Multishow's tv shows  and has been writing and directing films in Brazil and abroad.


So after living in the “Old Continent” and in the “Big Apple”, Pedro returned to Brazil to found Laki Films and follow his calling to tell stories in national and international co-productions.


Today Pedro is Director, Screenwriter and Partner of Laki.


Mônica Born

Co-Founder |


From her experience in theaters in Rio to a movie of over a million viewers in Brazil, through a part at a Rede Globo’s production, Mônica has also reached the final stage of a miss pageant and has taken part into several photo shootings. As it could not be different, her educational background relates to Europe and to some of the most recognized acting schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Some of her most outstanding work were a part in the Brazilian soap opera “Guerra dos Sexos”, by Rede Globo, and in the TV series “Bem-Vindos a Beirais”, by RTP of Portugal. Other than that, she took part in the movie “Muita Calma Nessa Hora 2" and featured in the play “Bonitinha, mas Ordinária”, that ran for a month at “Teatro das Artes”, an acclaimed theater in Rio de Janeiro. She also acted on the short film "Lu".


That is how our representative from the northeastern Brazil carries all the weight and pride of having worked with some of the most prestigious actors in the national television and cinema, as well as having her pictures on billboards throughout Brazil. After a season of courses and jobs in Europe, Mônica came back to Brazil to found Laki Films and finally engage in the production of films, and also to carry on bringing to life different characters in authentic and renowned works.


Today Monica is an Actress, Producer and Partner of Laki.

Our Founders

Carolina M. Pinto

Co-Founder |


Born and raised in Copacabana, Carolina attended film school in Rio and then fled to live in the biggest entertainment center in the world. After graduating from a one-year conservatory course in a renowned acting school in New York, our “carioca” was hired to work in a couple of production companies in Hollywood, and even became responsible for negotiating and closing movie deals in the respected American Film Market.


Among her most recent works stand out the play “Butterfly Life” and performances in the short-films “You Could Be Happy” and “Sweep”, both shot in New York, as well as in the short "Lu", shot in Rio.

Fluent in five different languages, Carolina returned to Brazil to found Laki Films and to fulfill the dream of producing and interpreting content that meets international standards.


Today Carolina is an Actress, Executive Producer and Partner of Laki.

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